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E-scooter tuning chip for Stalker XT950, racetec r10, Telefunken S950 & Lehe L5

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This tuning chip removes the speed limit of the e-scooter so that it drives between 31 km/h and 38 km/h. Installation is very easy and only takes 5 minutes.

The chip was developed exclusively for the following models: Stalker XT950, racetec r10, Telefunken S950 & LEHE L5.

After connecting the tuning chip, the e-scooter can be used normally and initially only drives at its "legal" 20 km/h. Only after 10x clicks on the mode button (the button on the display at the bottom with the "M") does the tuning become active. Depending on the load (driver's weight), the e-scooter then reaches a speed of between 31-38 km/h. If you switch off the e-scooter, the tuning is deactivated - the next time you drive, the button labeled "M" must be pressed 10 times again. In this way, you can easily control when the e-scooter's throttling is active and when it is lifted.

The original speedometer shows the higher speeds correctly.
  • Easy installation: The enclosed instructions explain the installation step by step. The installation is very easy and done in 5 minutes.
  • Easy to use: After the simple installation, the speed limit can be easily canceled before each journey by pressing the button on the speedometer 10 times. After switching off, the e-scooter drives again at 20 km/h until the tuning is activated again.
  • Simply inconspicuous: The tuning does not make any permanent changes to the e-scooter. You can remove the tuning chip just as quickly and easily as you installed it. After removal, everything on the scooter is in its original condition and the tuning leaves no traces. The chip is not visible from the outside because it is hidden in the handlebar.