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SpeedBox 3.0 for Flyon

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Speed ​​limiter: disabled
Activation: double change between two different modes (→ ← → ←)
Display: real values
Compatible with: TQ HPR120S engines
Not compatible with: SpeedBox App

If you update the software of your e-bike, first uninstall the SpeedBox from the e-bike, update the software, reinstall the SpeedBox in the e-bike.

A third generation smart chip for Haibike FLYON series.

With the SpeedBox 3.0 tuning chip, you can freely set the speed limiter of the e-bike. After installing the chip, real data such as top speed, average speed, daily distance and range will be shown on the e-bike display.

How does SpeedBox 3.0 work?

Tuning is enabled/disabled by toggling the switch between two different modes twice - by pressing → ← → ← in sequence. The display briefly shows the value of the current speed limit and from then on the motor will help you to the speed you have set.

To turn off the chip function, toggle the switch twice again. The display shows a cadence value of 25 rpm and the speed limit of 25 km/h is switched on again. The e-bike then works exactly as it did before the chip was installed.

To set the maximum speed, change the mode: EXTREME - HIGH - MID - LOW - MID - HIGH - EXTREME. The current speed limit is then shown on the display. To change the top speed, turn the rear wheel 180°. The displayed cadence of 15 rpm corresponds to a speed limit of 15 km/h, 20 rpm corresponds to a speed limit of 20 km/h, 25 rpm corresponds to a speed limit of 25 km/h, 30 rpm corresponds to a speed limit of 30 km/h , 99 rpm corresponds to a speed limit of 99 km/h etc. The last displayed limit is saved after five seconds of inactivity.


We use original connectors to connect the SpeedBox to the e-bike motor, so installing the chip is really easy. We have written detailed instructions and made videos that any customer can use to install the SpeedBox. Removing the tuning chip is as easy as installing it. If you have some connection problems, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Download instructions


Please note that operating pedelecs modified in this way on the road may conflict with the laws in force in some countries. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for damage resulting from the use of SpeedBox products. E-bikes equipped with SpeedBox products may not be used on roads, cycle paths and public areas. E-bikes equipped with SpeedBox products may only be used at your own risk and under your own ownership. Using SpeedBox products may void your e-bike warranty.

We recommend the use of additional safety features and protective products to avoid injury.