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SpeedBox 1.0 for Bosch (Smart System)

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Crank puller (required for installation):
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Chip activation: WALK function/ + - + -
Maximum speed: 50 km/h
Activation/deactivation display: YES (2.5/9.9 km/h)
readable speed
correct route (after deduction)
Compatible with:
Display KIOX 300
Engines Bosch 4th generation
Engines Bosch Smart System
Not suitable for e-bikes with a solenoid valve disc (Bosch Rim Magnet)

If you update the software of your e-bike, first uninstall the SpeedBox from the e-bike, update the software, reinstall the SpeedBox in the e-bike.

Tuning chip for e-bikes with the latest 4th generation Bosch motors with Smart System.

During tuning, the display shows the correct speed values ​​up to a speed of 22.2 km/h. As soon as the speed exceeds 22.2 km/h, the actual speed is shown on the last two digits of the display.


- 22.3 corresponds to a speed of 23 km/h

- 23.1 corresponds to a speed of 31 km/h

If you want to monitor the real values ​​of the entire speed range of your ride, we recommend the SpeedBox 1.0 B.Tuning for Bosch - you can monitor the correct values ​​of your ride in the SpeedBox app on the display of your mobile phone.

How does the SpeedBox 1.0 work

In order to correctly activate all SpeedBox functions, after installing the SpeedBox tuning, you must enter the menu and enter the wheel circumference of your bike.

To activate the SpeedBox 1.0 chip, briefly activate the WALK function on the bike's control panel by pressing and holding the "-" button. The e-bike display shows the value 9.9 km/h (6.2 mph) and from that moment you can ride at unlimited speed

To disable the chip function, re-enable the WALK function (press and hold the "-" button). The display shows 2.5 km/h (1.6 mph) and the speed limit of 25 km/h (1.6(mph) is switched on again. The e-bike then works exactly as it did before the chip was installed.

We also thought about e-bikes where the pushing aid (walk) is not available or active. In this case you can activate and deactivate the tuning by double switching between the two modes, ie by combining the keys + - + - .

If you charge your e-bike with the battery connected, you can ignore the following instructions. Because the "countdown" (deduction) process also runs hidden during the loading process. If you normally disconnect the battery from your e-bike to charge the battery, you should wait and leave the e-bike switched on until the SpeedBox has completed the "countdown" (deduction) after your ride. The running "countdown" is shown by the increasing riding time on the display of the stationary e-bike. As soon as the "countdown" has expired, the driving time is stopped and the E-Display shows the correct distance travelled. The "countdown" can be interrupted by switching off or starting the e-bike, and in no way restricts the use of your e-bike. However, it is necessary to perform regular "countdowns" (deductions) to prevent the tuning of your e-bike from being detected.


We use original connectors for the production of SpeedBox chips, so the installation of the chip is really easy and the connection is correct. We have written detailed instructions and recorded videos, thanks to which every customer can install the SpeedBox by himself. Disassembling the tuning chip is just as easy as assembling it. If you have connection problems, contact us!

If you want to install a SpeedBox on a brand new bike, you need to ride that bike at least 1km before you start the chip for the first time.


Connect the plugs - sockets in the direction of the lock. Do not twist the plugs during connection!

Instructions for use:

Detailed installation information can be found here: User manual for Bosch


Please note that operating pedelecs modified in this way on the road may conflict with the laws in force in some countries. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for damage resulting from the use of SpeedBox products. E-bikes equipped with SpeedBox products may not be used on roads, cycle paths and public areas. E-bikes equipped with SpeedBox products may only be used at your own risk and under your own ownership. Using SpeedBox products may void your e-bike warranty.

We recommend the use of additional safety features and protective products to avoid injury.

If you update the software of your e-bike, we recommend the following procedure:

1) Uninstall SpeedBox from the e-bike

2) Update the software

3) Reinstall SpeedBox