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PearTune is plugged into the e-bike system via compatible original plugs. No setup or diagnostics are required during installation. All configurations and adjustments to the settings of the respective e-bike are made automatically.

PearTune is wired between the speedometer sensor and the motor unit and between the display and the motor unit. The display power supply is used as the power supply. All data such as current, average and maximum speed, distance traveled, etc. remain on the display.

The PearTune MSO can be activated/deactivated at any time while driving by a double LONG press of the LIGHT button or by a short press of the + button and then immediately pressing the - button.

The only difference is that from the moment you install it, you determine how fast you go, not your bike. Top speed is limited only by pedaling frequency.

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installation procedure

MSO-BF-CAN: ① Unscrew the screws and remove the plastic cover from the motor on the other side of the transducer. All the necessary cables and connectors are located under this cover in the space between the motor and the bike frame.

② Disconnect the 8-pin connector between the display and the motor and the 4-pin connector between the speed sensor and the motor.

③ Plug the two corresponding connectors of the MSO into the motor unit instead of the original display and speed sensor connectors.
Then connect the original display connector and the original speed sensor connector previously disconnected from the motor to the remaining MSO connectors.
All connectors are keyed to prevent bad connection; there is only one way to connect them all.

④ Place the MSO in the right place (preferably in the frame of the electric bike, ideally with the housing of the chip facing up = moisture protection) and optionally attach the wiring. Reattach the plastic cover, tighten the screws previously removed and the bike is ready to ride again.

use of

MSO-BF-CAN: PearTune MSO can be enabled/disabled at any time
while driving by LONG pressing the LIGHT button twice or
by briefly pressing the + button and then immediately pressing the - button.
The original function of these keys remains unchanged. PearTune MSO activity
is shown on the display with a value of 9.9 km/h or 6.2 mph.
(PearTune is enabled) and 2.5 km/h or 1.6 mph (PearTune is
disabled) for a few seconds after activation/deactivation. V
if you have the "Still ON" version, you don't need to activate anything =
The chip is automatically activated/deactivated when the bike is switched on or off. V
If you have SMART version 4.0, you can use the buttons in
SERVICE MENU of the chip can be changed at will.

If you want to install PearTune MSO on a new e-bike,
make sure you drive it at least 1 km before the PearTune
MSO is installed.

It is possible to make a long journey at speeds over 25 km/h with assistance
with motor assistance, some of the indicators on the display may not respond to yours immediately
actual values. After a period of time without motor assistance or when
At speeds below 25 km/h, these values ​​should always be adjusted. After
For longer journeys at higher speeds, we recommend that you ride the e-bike immediately.
do not park the bike immediately. The easiest way is to switch off the e-bike
or automatically, or leave the bike on when you finish the ride,
until the display shows 0.0 km/h or 0.0 mph.

Do not update the software after installing PearTune MSO,
the manufacturer cannot be held responsible if the chip is damaged after a software upgrade
not working properly.

Installation guides and videos for all PearTune MSO products
are also available on our website:

or on our YouTube channel:


PearControl sro
Prikopy 1889
393 01 Pelhřimov

Technical parameters

Dimensions without cable: 18x 15x 3mm
Supply voltage range: 5 - 15 V
Maximum current draw: 100mA
Maximum power consumption: 1.5W
Weight: 10 - 20g
No voltage anywhere in the device, neither inside nor at the input/output
pins exceeds 20V


The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes. This manual is an integral part of
Part of the equipment sold. Using the PearTune MSO
the user agrees to use the modified e-bike in
in accordance with applicable national legislation, including off-road regulations
Roads, ie only on own property or on properties
on his own property. The user also acknowledges that the operation of
to remove the bicycle from its own property, even if the bicycle is turned off but installed
The PearTune MSO device may not comply with the law.
The manufacturer does not guarantee that the warranty of the bicycle will not be violated or that it cannot be violated.
Damage or blockage of the e-bike system. The manufacturer refuses
liability for damage to health or property,
in connection with the installation or use of this device.
The manufacturer holds a certificate of electromagnetic
Compatibility - Compliance with EU regulations (CE marking) and a certificate of compliance
Restriction on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS Labeling).