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E-scooter additional battery plug connection (incl. adapter)

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Internal connector
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Increase the range of your e-scooter with the help of an additional battery - complete cable set for installation!

In order to increase the range of your e-scooter, you cannot avoid installing an additional battery. Installing an additional battery is the cheapest way to increase the range by up to 200% (depending on the battery selected).

A suitable Y-cable with extension, fuse and the appropriate plug connections is required to increase the range.

Since the professional soldering and manufacture of a Y-cable in particular puts many people off installing an additional battery, we offer you a complete Y-cable set (including fuse and extension as well as XT30 to XT60 adapter) with illustrated installation instructions for the e-scooter.

  • Detailed + illustrated instructions for installing an additional battery
  • High-quality processing including additional security
  • Fast installation - all cable connections match any e-scooter with XT connector


The ESA 5000 and the ESA 1919, for example, require an XT-30 plug connection to the battery and controller!

The most common e-scooters require the following variants:

▶️ ESA 5000 & 1919 - XT-30

▶️ Technostar TES 200 & Trekstor EG 31 series - XT-60

▶️ Xiaomi M365/1S/Pro 2 - XT-30

▶️ Stalker XT950 & identical - XT-60

▶️ Ninebot G30D - XT-60

Remodeling is for experts only. You must be a technically instructed person. Not for laypeople. Risk of burns. risk of electric shock. risk of fire.

Please keep in mind that after the conversion, your scooter may only be used in private, closed areas, for example for sports and advertising purposes. The modification is not permitted within the scope of the Road Traffic Act (StVO). Use is at your own risk. No liability is accepted for any current or future damage to objects and/or persons caused by installation/attachment and/or use. The warranty of your e-scooter will be limited or completely void by the implementation of the instructions, since the installation or use constitutes a modification or manipulation. In general, all work on the battery or the electronics may only be carried out by qualified personnel. High equalizing currents when connecting unbalanced batteries are very dangerous. For professionals only. Batteries can spontaneously cause fires even months after incorrect loading. The fuse does not protect against all incorrect loads.