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E-bike tuning bikespeed-RS for Yamaha mid-engines from year 2014

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The bikespeed RealSpeed ​​tuning raises the speed limit of all pedelecs with a Yamaha mid-motor built between 2014 and 2022 at 25 km/h on. Please simply choose the right variant for your bike:

- Yamaha PowerDrive Unit engines from 2014 to 2018 with Yamaha LCD display or LED display
- Yamaha PW-X, PW-X2, PW-SE, PW-ST or PW-TE engines from 2017 to 2022 and Yamaha PW-X, LCD-X, Side-Switch or MultiSwitch TFT display
- Syncdrive-C or Syncdrive-Sport engines built between 2014 and 2016 with Giant RideControl Charge Display

- Syncdrive-Sport, Syncdrive-Pro or Syncdrive-Life motors from 2017 to 2022 and Giant RideControl Charge, RideControl Evo, RideControl One RideControl Ergo 2 or RideDash Evo Display

-Syncdrive-Pro2 from year 2022 with Giant RideControl Go and RideControl Plus

If you have a different display or are unsure, please just ask! Unlike the usual tunings on the market, the speed actually driven is displayed on the speedometer. All kilometer and maximum speed displays etc. remain usable. Of course, the existing support levels and start-up profiles are retained.

If you have a Bosch, Brose, TQ, Sachs or Panasonic motor please see our other auctions.

The installation is invisible on the engine. The installation is very easy, because the tuning is simply plugged in. The bikespeed-RS can be switched on and off with a key combination on the control panel on the handlebars. When you switch on your bike and after entering the combination, the tuning informs you about its status with the help of a small animation. If the bikespeed-RS is activated, the tuning removes the limitation of the top speed, which means that it is only limited by the engine power and your own muscle power.

After installing the tuning, your bike behaves as before. All functions and driving behavior is as usual. Only the motor support is also available above 25 km/h. There is no turbo lag.

The tuning automatically adjusts itself to your pedelec when it is switched on. All necessary parameters are recognized automatically. The tuning can therefore be used immediately and you do not have to make any settings.

The scope of delivery consists of the bikespeed-RS tuning and illustrated installation instructions. You need a standard Allen key set for installation on most wheels. For more information on installation, you can find installation instructions on our website.

We expressly point out that operating the bikespeed-RS on public roads is not permitted. Already the presence of the tuning can constitute an offense of the StVo. We recommend using a converted bike only on private property. Operation on public roads is expressly prohibited by the StVo! You can find more information on this at

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Current information on compatibility and the supported software versions of your pedelec can be found on our homepage. Please check there before you buy.