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E-bike tuning bikespeed-RS for Brose

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The bikespeed RealSpeed ​​tuning raises the speed limit of all pedelecs with Brose Drive-T, Drive-S, Drive-S Mag and Brose Specialized custom RX 2.1 mid-engines from year of construction 2015 to 2021 at 25 km/h. The speed actually driven is displayed on the speedometer. All kilometer, average and maximum speed displays, range calculations, etc. also remain usable. Of course, the existing support levels and start-up profiles are retained.

If you have a Bosch, Yamaha, TQ, Sachs or Panasonic mid-engine, please see our other auctions.

The tuning works on e-bikes with Brose Drive-T, Drive-S and Drive-S Mag mid-motors built between 2015 and 2022 with HMI, CI, CSI display (also called mini or sport display), Bloks 14d , Marquardt remote / Comfort 4311 display, all-round display and the Brose Specialized custom RX 2.1 or RX 2.2 motor on the Specialized Levo from 2019 to 2022 with the display integrated in the frame, or the Turbo Connect display. The tuning is currently compatible up to engine software V 5.4.0 (Drive-T) or V 7.4.1 (Drive-S) or V 7.4.2 (Specialized), the tire size does not matter. Further information can be found on our homepage.

The installation is completely invisible within the stone chip protection cover of the engine of your ebike. The tuning can be switched on and off with a key combination on your display or on the controls on the handlebars. When you switch on your bike and after entering the combination, the tuning informs you about its status with the help of a small animation. If the bikespeed-RS is activated, the tuning removes the limitation of the top speed, which means that it is only limited by the engine power and your own muscle power.

We have made the installation of the bikespeed-RS on your ebike as easy as possible. All necessary connections can be plugged into the proven bikespeed cable sets and can therefore be retrofitted without a trace. The tuning automatically adjusts itself to your pedelec when it is switched on. All necessary parameters are recognized automatically.

The scope of delivery consists of the bikespeed-RS tuning and illustrated installation instructions. Additional fastening material is not required. Depending on the cover, you will need a standard allen key set and possibly a Torx T20 screwdriver for installation.

We expressly point out that operating the bikespeed-RS on public roads is not permitted. Already the presence of the tuning can constitute an offense of the StVo. We recommend using a converted bike only on private property. Operation on public roads is expressly prohibited by the StVo! You can find more information on this at

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Current information on compatibility and the supported software versions of your pedelec can be found on our homepage. Please check there before you buy.